Frequently Asked questions

Am I allowed Pets?
What Happens If My Tennants Leave Within the First Year?

Whether a prospective tenant or a new landlord, at Murrays we understand that you will have questions, below you can find answers to some of these


As a tenant moving into a new property we understand that you may have a few questions, we have provided responses to the most frequently asked

   I have found a property I like, what happens next?

   What fees do I have to pay?

   How much is the deposit?

   Am I allowed pets?

   Are my bills included in my rent?

   What checks will be carried out on me?

   I recieve housing benefit, is this ok?

   What is the term of the initial lease?

   I still have questions, what shall I do?


Landlords, we know the concerns that you have when allowing new people to rent one of your properties. We have answered some common enquiries to help put you at ease. Please select one for further information

   How do I know the tenant you provide will be suitable for my property?

   What happens if the tenants do not pay their rent?

   How do I know my property will be returned to me in the same condition?

   What happens if my tenant leaves within the first year?

   Do you carry out checks on the property?

   I wish to instruct you, what decisions do I have to make?

   Who deals with the council tax and utility arrangements?

   I have more than one property to let, are there any added benefits for me?